Army Cut off scores
Army Weapons Qualification for Enlisted Promotion

Question: Currently, the system is not calculating points for weapons qualification scores older than two years. Is
there going to be an update to change the system or will the regulation change for Soldiers who are assigned to units
without weapons or are physically unable to qualify?

Answer: Weapons qualification will comprise the most recent qualification score (but not older than 24 months) with
the Soldier’s assigned weapon. The most recent qualification will be used. However, if the Soldier fails to qualify
through his or her own fault, no valid score will exist. Qualification scores will be provided by the commander for input
to the database. If individual weapon qualification cannot be provided by the commander and verifying information is
not available, zero promotion points will be awarded. Soldiers assigned to an organization without weapons can use
their latest qualification as an exception to the 24-month limit. However, once assigned to an organization with
weapons, the Soldier will have 12 months to qualify with assigned weapon or will lose their most recent score.
Soldiers with physical profiles resulting from combat related operations who are unable to qualify with a weapon due
to a physical limitation will use their last weapon qualification score until the Soldier is medically cleared to fire for
qualification. If the Soldier’s last qualifying score was a failing score, that Soldier (regardless of primary weapon
assigned) will be granted a minimum qualifying score of 23 hits on the M16 scale, DA Form 5790-R.
The same applies to a Soldier who is pregnant and cannot qualify with their weapon. The Company Commander may
sign a memorandum to be used to determine the qualification date and the memorandum should be attached to the
latest weapons qualification scorecard. The weapons qualification should be updated on eMILPO using the date of
the memo signed by the Company Commander. The Soldier should maintain a copy of the memorandum with their
other source documents.

Question: Alternate Weapons Qualification. We recently had an Engagement Skills Trainer (EST 2000) system
installed on our installation. Can this system be used as "other weapons authorized for qualification"?

Answer: No,
ESTs cannot be used as an alternative. If they have no weapons, see question a above. A Soldier's
individually assigned weapon should normally be the M16A2 rifle; however, it may be another individually assigned
weapon when duty or MTOE requires (for example, 9 mm pistol for military police). The Commander's decision applies.

Question: Does qualifying with an M4 with Optics count as a record qualification for promotion points?

Answer: Yes. According to the Army G3 Directorate of Training SGM, an NCO is authorized to qualify for record with
an M4, Close Combat Optic (CCO)/ Advanced Combat Optical Gun-sight (ACOG) utilizing the same qualification
record form as the M16 (DA Form 3595-R & 5790-R, dated SEP 08). Therefore, qualification with optics is the record
weapons qualification if the Soldier is assigned additional optics and should be used for awarding promotion points.
DA Pam 350-38, Para 5-6 states, "Only Soldiers assigned additional optics/NVDs are authorized to conduct
qualification event listed." According to G-3, in most cases, units are not authorized enough ammunition to qualify
with both optics and iron sights so the qualification with optics has to be the record.
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