Army Cut off scores

IAW ALARACT 126/2014, all SGT(P)s must complete SSD 2 or ALC Common Core no later then January 8, 2015 to retain
their promotion list status. Failure to comply with the minimum requirement will result in automatic removal from the
promotion list.

Note: if you have completed SSD 2, and your graduation status is not reflected in the Army Training Requirements and
Resources System (ATRRS), you must contact the Army Learning Management System (ALMS) helpdesk at
1-877-251-0730 to have your record corrected. If you have completed ALC CC and that is not reflected in your ATRRS,
please contact the Military Schools Branch (info. below) to have that corrected.

Any questions or concerns in regards to this; or if you are a SGT(P) that has not yet received a reservation for SSD 2,
please contact the Military Schools Branch at 502-613-5916 or email

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Army SSD requirements