Army Cut off scores
Awards and Certificates of Achievement (COA)

Question: In AR 600-8-19, chapter 3, Para 3-43, Driver and Mechanic Badge, maximum 5 points. 1 June 2011 it will be
changed to 10 points. Will Soldiers who have multiple Driver and Mechanic Badges be able to get points for more than one?

Answer: NO. A Soldier will only receive a maximum of 10 points for award of the basic Driver & Mechanic Badge.

Question: With the change, Drill SGT, Recruiter, Parachute, and Air Assault badges will be awarded points but not the
schools. Will the system be set up to ignore these schools that are recorded on the ERB so the Soldiers don’t get points
under military education?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Certificates of Achievements (COA): The maximum promotion points you can receive for COAs is 20. Will the
ERB be adjusted so unit personnel can only input up to 4 COAs? Right now you can input more than 4 COAs on the ERB.

Answer: No, the system will be designed so that the Soldier can add all COA’s that they have, however, only 4 will earn
promotion points.

Question: How about points for the gold recruiting badge? The list shows only the basic recruiter badge.

Answer: The list was modified to include both the Gold Recruiter Badge and two newly approved badges (Space Badge
and Master Recruiter Badge). You will be able to receive promotion points for the following:

Master Recruiter Badge (20 points)
Gold Recruiter Badge (20 points)
Basic US Army Recruiter Badge (15 points)

It is important to note that award of promotion points for levels of proficiency (in this case, recruiting) are not cumulative.
Promotion points for award of the Master Recruiter Badge are not added to points awarded for the Basic Recruiter
Badge – but simply replace the points earned for the lesser badge.

Question: I earned numerous awards and decorations during my prior service with the Marine Corps. Will those awards
qualify for Army promotion points?

Answer: Yes, awards and decorations earned in other U.S. Uniformed Services receive the same points as
corresponding/equivalent Army awards.

Civilian Education and Certifications for Promotion

Question: Explain the conversion of Classroom, Clock, Contact Hours (CH) and Quarter Hours (QH)

Answer: For every 15 classroom, clock or contact hours, Soldiers will be awarded promotion points equivalent to 1
semester hour (1 point). For every 1.5 Quarter hours, Soldiers will be awarded promotion points equivalent to 1
semester hour (1 point). For example, if a Soldier earns 312 clock hours, award 20 promotion points (312 divided by
15). For 28 Quarter hours, award 18 promotion points (28 divided by 1.5).

Question: The new policy states that Soldiers get 10 points for 1/1 on DLPT but it's not clear to me if a Soldier has
multiple languages, do they get additional points?

Answer: No, Soldiers will not receive additional promotion points for multiple DLPT’s. The maximum points earned for
this is 10.

Question: How is civilian education verified with transcripts?

Answer: All civilian education must be accredited. Once the education center or BDE/BN S1 validates the
school/transcript the Soldier may add subsequent course points/hours for that institution. If audited, Soldiers must
produce source documents. S1’s are responsible for ensuring accreditation by using the following websites: http://www. or Soldiers currently enrolled in a college/university are
required to provide a single transcript from their current college/university consolidating all past civilian education.
Soldiers that have multiple transcripts who are not currently enrolled in a college/university may take these transcripts
and grade slips to the local education center for assistance. The local education center will provide only an
assessment of the total number of non-duplicated postsecondary credit for submission to the unit as the source
document to update eMILPO/personnel records with the total number of credit hours. The total number of credits an
accredited institution grants towards a degree will be the basis for granting promotion points.

Question: Can we accept student copies of college transcripts for verification of promotion points?
Answer: Yes.

Question: I have had some Soldiers that have taken and completed some FEMA courses on line and have a
certificate for them. What I don't know is are they Military or Civilian ED, and how do you add them to your records?
Answer: FEMA courses are not valid for awarding promotion points under military education or civilian education.
Although Soldiers completed the courses online and are awarded a certificate, it is not a TRADOC approved course
and is not listed in AR 350-1.

Question: What is the policy for receiving promotion points for Technical Certifications?

Answer: 10 promotion points are granted for each TRADOC-approved technical/industry/ professional certification
earned, not to exceed award for five certifications or 50 promotion points. Recertification will not result in duplicate
award of promotion points. Below is a link to the promotion's website that lists TRADOC approved technical
certifications: Points are awarded under civilian education.

Question: Do Soldiers receive promotion points for a CEU?

Answer: No. CEU is not authorized for promotion points.
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