AVG Scores on the trend report to use for cut off score predictions
Army Cut off scores
How to Read the Army Enlisted Promotions Trend Report
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There is no guaranteed way of predicting the promotion cut-off scores for the following month with %100 certainty and
the following information will give you very close estimate of the following month's cut-off but will likely not and exact

The trend report is basically an extended spreadsheet which shows how many people in your MOS you are competing
against and more importantly it shows the average of the cut-off scores for the last six months in the last column.
The trend report usually gets released several days before cut-off scores are released. Usually it is updated on the 13th
of each month but there are times when it is late and released after the cut-off which does not help those waiting for the
scores to be released.

Basically this is what you to do calculate the scores > or see the
trend report Calculator

1. Download the trend report after the 15th of the month.
2. Find your MOS and figure out whether you want to calculate for the primary or secondary zone.
3. Do the AVERAGE SCORE/CUT-OFF for the last six months times SIX, ie. 740 times six = 4440.
4. Once you calculated the average times six you just subtract the last 5 months of cut-off scores of that big number, ie.
4440 - 798 - 756 - 720 - 714 - 743 (just example). Whatever is left over is the value of X, the number you don't know
which is the cut-off score for that month.

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